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GuruHits Help

1. Login Page

Help 1

On the "Login Page", you have to enter your first name, last name and e-mail address to start playing the game. This is needed to identify you during the game. We'll also contact you by e-mail when there are new songs added to the quiz or if you win one of our great monthly prizes. online Spielhalle

Depending on the site you play the GuruHits quiz, you can select different song categories. On the category is "Love Songs" or "GuruHits" (700 songs from the last decade and today). On other sites, this might be "Songs of the 80's" or "Rock Music".

Once you see how the game works, you can also choose different playing levels:

  • Beginner
    You earn 10 points for a correct answer.
    You see the name of the song and the artist.
  • Advanced
    You earn 20 points for a correct answer.
    You see the name of the song.
  • Expert
    You earn 30 points for a correct answer.
    You see the name of the artist.
  • Master
    You earn 40 points for a correct answer.
    You lose 40 points for a wrong answer.
    You see the name of the artist.

Click "Start Playing" to start the game.

2. Login Confirm / Player Selection

Help 2

After you've clicked the "Start Playing" button, you are taken to the "Confirmation Page".

This page lists the options you've chosen. It also tells you which default player software was selected for your computer.

GuruHits was programmed to detect the audio capabilities of your computer automatically. Normally, you shouldn't have to change the default player, however under some circumstances, the sound might not play correctly and you need to adapt the player selection for your computer.

You can read more about audio formats on the separate "audio help" page.

3. Question Page

Help 3

The question page is the heart and soul of the quiz. This page plays a 5 second audio clip using your preferred audio software (see above).

Depending on the playing level you selected, you are asked to guess the name of the song or the name of the artist. Three possible choices are available.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see various information about your game:

  • Score
    your current score
  • Accuracy
    the percentage of correct answers
  • Status
    your status depends on your current score and the game level. You'll hear a sound when your status was upgraded.
  • Player
    the name of the current player.

After you've chosen the correct song/artist, you should click on the "Answer" button.

4. Result Page

Help 4

The "Result Page" shows the correct answer of the previous question. It also tells you if your answer was correct or not.

You can listen to more audio clips from the available artists.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see your updated score card.

If you click the "Next Song" button, then you are taken to the "Quiz Page" again to continue your game and your chances to get a higher score.

When you click on the "Save" button, your current score is saved and the game is ended. If your score was high enough, you'll be entered into our high score list.

You can also print the "GuruHits Certificate" if you'd like. Don't forget to sign the print-out before you frame it and hang it on a wall.

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