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GuruHits uses different audio formats to allow everybody to play our games. However some formats require more time to load, other's load directly. Below you'll find a brief overview on the audio formats used on this site.

Sample Rate Plugin/Download Software Average
File Size
µ-law .au 8.000 kHz Windows Media Player or standard browser 78 kb
AIFF .aif 11.025 kHz Windows Media Player or standard browser 57 kb
RealAudio .ram 11.025 kHz RealPlayer (version 3 or newer) 12 kb
QuickTime .mov 22.050 kHz QuickTime (version 4 or newer) 7 kb


QuickTime is a leading format for playing audio and video at a very high quality. Using QuickTime, we were able to compress the files while maintaining a very high audio quality. This is the best format to play the GuruHits game.

RealAudio (.ram)

RealAudio is a very popular format on the Internet for streaming audio. The audio files start playing before they are fully downloaded, giving you a much faster experience of the GuruHits game. A disadvantage is that it has a lower quality than QuickTime and that you have to download the audio file again every time you'd like to hear it.

Basic Audio: AIFF (.aif, .aiff, .aifc)

The Audio Interchange File Format was developed by Apple Computer and is widely used by many platforms (Macintosh, PC, WebTV). We're using the compressed AIFC format to provide smaller files and which is also compatible with most computers.

Basic Audio: NeXT/sun µ-law (.au)

This type is mainly used on NeXT, Sun and DEC computers but it has become a standard for audio on the Internet. It can be played by many different browsers and also through the Windows Media Player.

How the clips were created:

We used a special audio conversion program to batch convert all the different audio clips. The program was written by AudioEase and is called Barbabatch. We also used QDesign Music Codec 2 Professional Edition to create the best possible QuickTime clips. All music clips were taken from original CD's and are licenced through SABAM.

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