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Andy Clayburn

Andy P. Clayburn was born on a Friday, 13th October (Libra) in Yorkshire in the north of England. At the age of 7 years Santa Claus gave him his first guitar.

Andy is left-handed person and due to conservative principles he had to learn left-handed guitar playing. Already at the young age of 12 years he gave his first solo concert -- over 90 minutes!

After high school Andy began his music studies. He was admitted at the world-famous "Royal Northern college of Music" in Manchester. His emphasis was the classical guitar. After five years of intensive studying, with world-famous capacities such as professor Gordon Crosskey and John Williams, he received a classic musical award.

Between 1985 and 1989 he played countless concerts for classical guitar such as Rodrigo's "Concerto de Aranuez". Andy also played with "The Royal Opera Company" in the Covent Garden in London.

Already during his college time, Andy began to compose his own music. He joined up with his best friend and college buddy Paul Dwyer from Liverpool in order to write their own songs. They presented successfully their music in different clubs everywhere in England. Afterwards there were numerous commitments and appearances in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Cyprus, Turkey and last but not least in Germany.

From 1992 to 1994 the two English guys released two albums with SONY music in Germany. They had enormous air play successes: "Without you", "Don't fade away" and "It's a mystery". This was followed up with different tours together with Ina Deter and Suzanne Vega.

Inspired by Istanbul Andy & Paul wrote, composed and produced several very successful albums. Among others for the Turkish music legend Zülfü Livanelli ("Saat 4, yoksun" und "Crossroads") as well as for the two pop-stars Aylin Livaneli and Mustafa Sandal (more than 3,000,000 CD's sold)!

The instrumental music, which the two composed for "Crossroads", is still played today in different documentaries and newscasts on the Turkish television and world-wide on various cable networks.


In 1997 Andy & Paul was the first English duo that composed and produced its first purely Turkish album under the "Endipol" moniker. For this they received a lot of acknowledgment, enthusiasm and respect from the Turkish public. BMW and Quicksilver became their video-sponsors. Both artists and their project was praised by the international "Billboard Music Magazine". Endipol played in large theatres and concert halls in front of up to 10,000 spectators. A large of television appearances and weekly shows with live appearances and phone-ins followed!

In 1998 Andy Clayburn won the "Crystal Apple" (the highest honor) for the best radio jingle of the year. (PANASONIC)

A further album with instrumental guitar music had been inspired by a stay in Senegal winter 2000. The album "Africa" was developed on the deserted beaches of Senegal.

Andy & Paul still compose together. Paul Dwyer has its own successful music production studio in Istanbul.

Currently Andy Clayburn travels around Europe and North America. "Back on Highway 66" presents Andy its brand new solo album "the Wandering Stranger"

(a part of proceeds of sale goes to the September 11 Fund of the American Red Cross)

Andy Clayburn / the Wandering Stranger
1.the Wandering Stranger 4:40
2.Autumn in SeptemberAIF Sound AU Sound QuickTime QDesign2 Sound RealAudio Sound4:25
3.You're my Friend 5:30
4.Unfinished BusinessAIF Sound AU Sound QuickTime QDesign2 Sound RealAudio Sound3:30
5.Butterfly 4:05
6.Nina 3:40
7.Wolf!AIF Sound AU Sound QuickTime QDesign2 Sound RealAudio Sound4:10
8.Inside UAIF Sound AU Sound QuickTime QDesign2 Sound RealAudio Sound4:20
9.Sunshine Junkie 4:28
10.One WorldAIF Sound AU Sound QuickTime QDesign2 Sound RealAudio Sound3:38
11.Raindrops & Memories * 6:13
12.Game Over 4:48
13.Robert's Song 3:35
14.the Wandering Stranger (part 2) * 4:25
* instrumental
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