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by Joe Savelberg The best software for me labelview: etiket programi, now available in Turkey.

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As I mentioned on the previous page, I have a huge collection of CD's and songs. This collection is still growing. I love buying CD's, listening to the music wherever I go: on my iPod, in my car, on the computer,... Reading the CD booklets and lyrics is very interesting. Live albums give me an additional kick.

Joe's CD collection

In 1997 I bought my first CD-ROM recorder to create backup CD's of my computers and servers. After my car was broken into several times and some CD's were stolen, I decided to burn my own music CD's for usage in my car while keeping the originals in my office. Those CD compilations of my favorite songs received the nickname "GuruHits".

On the left there is a snapshot of my music collection. The platin record on the wall was bought on eBay and it is for "The Album" by Abba.

Joe's new office

This is my "cockpit". There are many different Macintosh computers which are used to produce and are also used for the other "regular" work I do for our Internet marketing clients. The TV set is mostly used to watch news or music channels. The poster on the wall says "VISION - Nothing Happens Unless First A Dream". I bought the poster at Successories which has lots of motivational products.

The GuruHits site was a personal dream that I wanted to make happen.

Read on the next page about the creation of the music quiz and all the work that was involved.

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